“Anyone who stops learning is old,

whether at twenty or eighty.”

– Henry Ford

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The list below is some sources I found very useful, especially for myself. I started collect those things on July 2019. Earlier 2021, I also started reading few books on my spare time. Not all the articles/books I read or new things I learn will be added here. I just added some of them that I think they’re essential and will be useful someday.


Refactoring by Martin Fowler

~ Added on January 12, 2021.
Thanks to Elegant Themes, I had a chance to read this amazing book. This book has changed my perspective on what it means to be a good programmers and made me reflect on some of the projects I’ve worked on. Once I started reading this book, I realized that refactoring is so important things to do to improve the design of existing code. There are 12 chapters with detailed explanations and case studies.

(ID) Analisis Fundamental Saham (3rd Edition) by Desmond Wira

~ Added on August 8, 2021.
Couple months ago I decided to learn about stock market because I have a plan to prepare a retirement fund in the next 25 years. I found this book so useful to understand basic stock fundamental, how to analyze and optimize it.

Articles, Tutorial, & Documentations


Git Bisect

~ Added on Jun 14, 2019.
Recently, I just knew what Git Bisect is and how it helps me a lot on debugging process. Git Bisect help you to find commit that introduced a bug on your codes. It works by comparing commits then mark each of tested commit as good or bad commit until you find which commit introduced the error. I found this article help me to understand it A beginner’s guide to GIT BISECT – The process of elimination.

Git Rebase

~ Added on Jul 14, 2020.
It has been couple of years I don’t perform git rebase for updating a PR on the forked branch. Basically, it’s very useful to update your PR branch and keep the commits on your PR clean. I found this wiki help me to review it How to Rebase a Pull Request.

Conventional Commits & Comments

~ Added on Aug 18, 2021.
Sometime, the commit message is not clear enough to explain its purpose, not readable, and even meaningless. The conventional commits provides rules to solve the problems and create explicit commit history. In addition, similar rules can be applied on the comments section to make review process more helpful. 


ES6 For Beginner

~ Added on Feb 15, 2020.
It has been 2 years I fully started working with Javascript and learned ES6 for the first time. Today is the a good time to review it back. I know there are a lot of ES6 tutorials out there, but I found the tutorial from Tutorialspoint – ES6 Tutorial is very useful and easy to follow.


Regex Cheatsheet

~ Added on Dec 31, 2019.
Couple weeks ago, I was working on stuff that requires a lot of regex implementation. It was overwhelming for me to review it again on some tutorial sites. However I found an article on Medium titled Regex tutorial — A quick cheatsheet by examples very useful to remember some basics stuff.



~ Added on Mar 06, 2020.
Yesterday, I was reviewing a plugin and found out there are a lot of hooks used on that plugin. It was a bit confusing me because some of them are really strange for me and not really sure which ones are being called first. So, I searched them on the old codex Action Reference and Filter Referene to understand what they do and when they are fired.


~ Added on Aug 05, 2019.
In the last couple of weeks, some apps released security update and articles. It becomes hot issue today. I think it’s good time to review back my knowledge about PHP security standards, especially on WordPress. I found 10up Engineering Best Practices article is really helpful for me. WordPress team also has some tips to harden your website.