Panjang Beach

Bengkulu – July 28th, 2019

It has been a while I didn’t travel with my family since my daughter was born. Actually, I have visited Panjang Beach previously, but yesterday was little bit special because it was the first time my daughter came to the beach and I was surprised when I saw how happy she was.

Panjang Beach

Panjang beach is located in Bengkulu, Indonesia. Panjang in Bahasa Indonesia means “Long”. Yeah.. the shore line is so long and it has some tourism spot you can check. You can find out more info about Panjang Beach in Google, so I won’t talk to much about that in this post.

Yesterday was weekend, there were a lot of people visited the beach on the afternoon. My family decided to stop on the area where we can park our car in the roadside. It’s also really good spot for us to take some photos because it was not really crowded as the other spots. The parking fee was very cheap as well, only Rp. 2.000,- for a car. I can say, we were lucky enough!

While enjoying the view, we ordered 3 roasted corns and a bottled mineral water. In total, we spent Rp. 26.000,-. It can be considered to be cheap enough for tourism spot with a lot of people who visit the location. How does it taste? It tastes good, though I got the old one and it was so hard to chew.

I believe that a lot of people visited the beach because it has really good spot to enjoy sunset. Unfortunately, we can’t wait for that long to see sunset because the sea breeze blew so hard and we were worried about our daughter condition if we stay too long there. So, I only took few photos there. Not really good photos, but it’s still good enough to describe how it looks like.

Some locale boys were playing football. “Goal!” was the word they said after one of them passed some players and scored the goal. I was waiting for him to celebrate the goal, but I think he was too tired LOL.

On the other side, some visitors are enjoying the sunset while eating their meals. And some of them were playing in the water. Most of them came with their children. Beautiful moment to spend with everyone we love.

I’m so grateful my wife convinced me to visit Panjang Beach 3 days ago. How happy I am to able to see and record this moment.

I’m so grateful my wife convinced me to visit Panjang Beach 3 days ago. How happy I am to able to see and record this moment.

There are a lot of spots on Panjang Beach that I can’t describe in this post. Don’t use this blog post as overall review about Panjang Beach. It’s beautiful and very wide. And I may come with more blog posts about Panjang Beach in the future to explore more tourism spots there.

 Sky above, sand below, peace within.


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