Weekend Project #1 – Revamp My Blog With Divi

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Today, I just fulfilled one of my resolutions for 2019 to revamp my blog. It’s supposed to be done couple of months ago, but I didn’t have enough time for it because I thought it will take a long time to complete. Eventually, this is not something big but it’s really interesting project for me.

Why? Because I made this blog with Divi and design all the things by myself.

Utilize Divi Awesome Features

I rarely use a page builder to finish web development projects I responsible for. I had bad experiences with one of popular visual builder out there and it was so laggy. And sometimes, I still need to add custom CSS to make it suitable with the mockup or what the clients need. Therefore, I prefer to finish it by creating custom theme from scratch. It was so unefficient.

But, I changed my mind when I met Divi. I’ve been working to maintance Divi visual page builder since early 2018. Divi has tons of awesome features, very light, and easy to use. So, I know that Divi will help me to finish this project faster. And surprisingly, I can revamp my blog in total 8 hours 23 minutes. It’s couple of times faster than I expected.

Some Divi features in action

Learn About Basic Web Design

I usually convert PSD mockup into WordPress page, so I have all details I need to build. But this one is a little bit special because I just let myself imagine and design all the details. Luckily, there are tons of free web design out there and Divi has a lot of Layout Packs. So, I can find some design references to be implemented here. With Divi, I can easily do some experiment with color and layout combination. I know the result is far from fantastic, but it’s good to have as a start and explain some details about myself. More improvements are coming soon!

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